Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dixie to Henson Kickernick

My uncle, Johnny, was in an antique (junk store as he called it) in Greenville, Texas when he came across an old Dixie Manufacturing Display box.  My grandfather and great-grandfather started this business selling handkerchiefs to Five and Dime stores in the 1930's.  My great-grandfather made the boxes and I believe the handkerchiefs out of his garage.  My grandfather would sell them out of the back of his Model A. 

Eventually this company turned into a women's lingerie store called Henson Kickernick which was sold to Bali intimates, I believe in the 1990's.  I have funny memories with my sisters playing dress-up in extravagent nightgowns that were so large we had to hold them up to walk around.  We would take turns being the princess, the queen, or the evil step-mother. 

Researching Henson Kickernick stuff on the internet I found some funny old lingerie for sale.  These panties look comfortable :)

  Remember when big was beautiful, I think it still is!

Monday, February 22, 2010

February Birthdays

In the Latham family there are two consecutive birthday weeks of celebration in February.  First the admiral, Nick, turned 60 on the 10th.  We kept it simple (for the time being) with a clam chowder dinner courtesy of chef Jean.

Then this past Saturday, Katherine turned 28 and we celebrated with a family back country ski near Galena Summit.  It was a first for Kat's fiance, Bryan, who kept trucking along despite a few summersaults.  Nick and Jean, the experts, remembered times when they took a baby Zach back country skiing in the same spot.  Apparently, Nick did a summersault with Zach, which explains a lot!  Not much changes in Idaho.  Lunch at Galena Lodge (my fav) rounded out the birthday festivities.  Turned out to be a beautiful day!

Happy, Happy Birthday Nick and Katherine!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Idaho Olympians 2010

Where am I lately?  I haven't even blogged about all the great local athletes working hard in Vancouver as of late.  Some local favorites from the Wood River Valley are men's snowboarder Graham Watanabe, women's cross country skier, Morgan Aritola,and men's cross country skier, Simi Hamilton. 

Here is a list of other Idaho athletes competing:
Sara Studebaker, Women's Biathlon
Erik Fisher, Alpine Skiing Men's Super G
Nate Holland, Men's Snowboard Cross
Jeret "Speedy" Peterson, Men's Freestyle Aerials
Nick Cunningham, Men's Bobsled
Hailey Duke, Apline Skiing Womens Giant Slalom
Elena Hight, Women's Snowboarding Halfpipe
Emily Cook, Women's Freestyle Aerials

And if you haven't seen these athletes competing already here is a link for when they are scheduled for events  Idaho Athletes

Now if they would just stop airing figuring skating and show some other sports....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Visiting La Quinta

Believe it or not we didn't go skiing last weekend...  Instead, we did the opposite and headed south to visit Bob and Sherri in beautiful La Quinta, California.  A hop and skip from Palm Springs this town is a well manicured golfers paradise.  With over 130 courses to choose from it's no wonder that many retired folk have made a winter home for themselves in the sun.  "Feb-uly" was the new name we came up with for this mid-winter summer vacation.  Even though temperatures got into the 80's Zach and I were admittedly a little hesitant to slip on our flip flops, not sure if we should grab our coats or not.  But it didn't take too long before we were hot tubbing and swinging clubs with the rest of the locals.
We headed to Joshua Tree National Park for a day and toured the Dr. Seuss forest of strange ancient trees.  Some towering up to 40 feet high and ranging in age to 300 years old, the trees were unique in many aspects.  The park encompassed granite cliffs, rocks, and boulders, that any climber would be delighted to attempt and reminded me of the formations you might see in Arches Nation Park or Moab in Utah.   We took our time exploring on foot while trying to avoid the jumping cholla, a cactus that throws needles at you if you walk by too closely.  Never a dull moment!

Did I mention the fruit yet!?!  Delicious grapefruit, lemons, oranges, mandarin's growing everywhere like the Garden of Eden near the Lyle's house in La Quinta.  Zach and I found ourselves climbing in and out of trees in random places because it seemed too good to be true!
Another day we headed to a few different local outdoor markets, one in old town La Quinta, and another in  Palm Desert at the College of the Desert.  The latter market should probably be considered it's own city with the literally endless rows of tents selling any item you could imagine: socks, art, hats, purses, food, golf balls, toys, and yes cactus.  
On a couple of afternoons Zach and I had a chance to get lessons with a local golf celebrity, a.k.a. my dad. Very patient and obviously extremely knowledgeable in the sport we each were humbled to learn the seemingly simple yet very skilled art of golf.  At the end of our last lesson we made attempts to play the 12th hole with a large water obstacle and were thrilled when we eventually both made balls drop on the green.  No lack of audience as all the neighbors seemed to be enjoying the rookie entertainment for the first one, two, ok, maybe ten balls into the water.

Cooper, the cocker spaniel, was the golf cart mascot.  He did a great job defending it from any small dog who may be interested in joining our team.

Sushi, sole, Hawaiian Ono, and shrimp were some of the seafood delicacies we got to enjoy.  My favorite being a grilled lobster tail at the house courtesy of chef's Bob & Sherri.  Needless to say we weren't starving for good food :)

The last day in our desert vacation was spent hiking in the Indian Canyons just outside Palm Springs.  Palm tree's lined a rushing mountain stream that was melting below snow capped mountains.  Leave it to my husband to not miss a chance to point out the slopes that would be perfect for skiing if only they had about 4 feet of snow on them.  I was glad they didn't. 

And of course Valentine's Day was a special treat being with family!  That night we had a chance to see Ben and Jeannie who coincidentally were in La Quinta visiting friends.  Later we enjoyed a dinner at Arnold Palmer's restaurant with Bob, Sherri, and some of their close friends.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by such loving people :)

Thanks Bob & Sherri for treating us to a great weekend in paradise!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boulder 2010

Last Saturday was a beautiful day for the 35th annual Boulder Mountain Tour, a 32k skate ski race from Galena Lodge to the Sawtooth National Recreation Area Headquarters about 20 miles away.  This was my third time participating in the race and it always brings nerves and jitters despite my non-serious status.  Being in Wave 5 you would think I could relax a little and enjoy the scenery but there is something in this valley that breeds competition and everyone seemed to have their "A" game on.  Broken poles, crash piles, and stepping on skis is not an uncommon site near the race start.  All from seemingly harmless cross country skiers in tight spandex!  Rolling along the course through trees and meadows, the 800 skiers spreed out a bit and then the pace sets in.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the gradual warmer temperatures seemed to slow down the pace as the race went on.  This hardly slowed down the winner who finished in a time of 1 hour and 13 minutes! 

My number one cheerleader, Zach, was there taking pictures and cheering me on to the finish line.  He got around on his mother's 80's style "Revolution" skate skis that are a good 2 feet too short for him and matching neon yellow "fruit boots".  I can't convince him to participate in the race with me anymore even though his equipment would hardly slow him down.

Nearing the finish I had a rush of excitement and felt good about my race.  I was giving it my all when about 10 feet from the line I manage to step on my pole and do a face plant to the audiences delight.  Scrambling up I pulled my enormous hat out of my eyes to get my barrings and then crawl/skied past the finish line.  I think Zach was in the background covering his eyes at that moment because luckily we don't have any pictures of my graceful finale.  My fall was a good reminder that this was just for fun and I'm not going to win anything accept pleasure from completing a good course. 

Overall, it was a great day and I'm lucky to have the best cheerleader anyone could ask for :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Skiing...

Some photos from Zach's ski mission with some buddies this past weekend.  So happy they didn't take on anything too "extreme" with all the avalanche danger we have been having lately.  Sadly a few weeks ago our community lost a Ketchum local in-bounds skiing on Baldy due to an avalanche.  There is so much to know about avalanches and yet you can never know enough.  Be safe!

Thanks to Stemp for taking something of Zach!  The top photo is a shot by Zach of Matt McNeal, the bottom photo is Zach taken by Mike Stemp.