Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stepping Stool

Wes, a childhood friend of Zach's, happens to share the same birthday as Dax.  A craftsman, Wes makes furniture out of old wine barrels when he's not playing in a local band.  He stopped by this evening to drop off a belated birthday gift for his fellow birthday buddy.  A custom stepping stool with Dax's birthday carved into the bottom.  The finish on the wood is the natural stain from years of wine storage.  

Very talented you can find more of Wes's furniture creations here.
I have a feeling we will have this treasure for a long time.  
Thank you Wes for this beautiful gift!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Summer Somewhere

Paradise does not suck!
...and we found it in La Quinta this past weekend.  Flip-flops, shorts, and sunblock was a good way to live for a few days while visiting my dad in the desert.  My sister, Addie, and her kids (Callie 7, Avery 4, and Liam 6 months) made the four hour drive from Phoenix to join us.  We picked grapefruit, lemons, went to the zoo, swam, laid by the pool, ate good food, fished, went for long walks, and had a great time!

Zach and Dax pet a goat.

Liam and Addie

Callie and Avery demonstrate how to ride a wild boar.

Papa Bob and Dax take a lunch break on our walk.

Somebody is tired from all the fun he had!

Coming back to 9 degree weather was a bit of a shock to the system but not complaining.  We love Idaho but it's good to get away once in awhile.  Thanks Papa for keeping us happy in La Quinta!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Be My Valentine


February Birthdays!

It's a Festivus February with birthday's left and right!

This past Friday we celebrated Nick's birthday out Indian Creek with Jean's famous clam chowder.  The favorite birthday gift had to be from Mark & Patsy who brought, a single river bootie with shots of tequila, vodka, rum, and a can of beer.  Technically, a river consequence for falling out of your boat the previously mentioned beverages are usually combined and chocked down by the swimmer out of a sweaty river bootie.  Nick took a pass on partaking in this birthday gift but we all got a good laugh.

Today we celebrated Dorothy Brassey's 91st birthday in Boise.  She is rockin' and rollin' into her 90's and is adored tremendously by all her family!
Nick, tries to keep Dax from pulling Dorothy's hair on her birthday.

My niece Avery turns 4 on Valentine's Day!  She has to be the cutest 4 year old I know and we look forward to seeing her soon to celebrate.

Then Kat is up to bat with the big 3-0 on President's Day!  Welcome to the dirty thirties Katherine!

AND...I can't leave out the LaDuke's!  Cameron celebrated his birthday last Tuesday and his wedding anniversary on the same day.  Busy guy :)  Happy Happy LaDuke's!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Yuck

Little man has had a rough go over the past few weeks.  Battling chest congestion, the flu, and an ear infection, we have been back and forth to the doctors office trying to make him feel better.  Grandmother Jean has been a tremendous help, filling in when Zach and I can't be home to rock him to sleep.

Despite all the poking and prodding he has managed to remain a good sport throughout the ordeal.  Happily he seems to be on the road to recovery and working back to nothing but smiles :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't Blink

February must have hit us when I blinked because time has been flying bye!

Zach headed to Jackson Hole this past weekend for his annual boys ski trip.  They all came back with goggle tans and smiles so I know it was a good time.

Dax, Lucy, and I took advantage of our local blue skies by nordic skiing out Quigley canyon.  Dax had no problem snoozing in the ski chariot while mommy struggled along after Lucy.  I felt like and elephant on ice skates by the time we were done.

Lucy waits while Dax catnaps in the chariot.

On Sunday, Dax was flattered to be the only boy invited to an adorable first birthday party for girls.  I dressed him ready to impress and he slept through the entire event.  Seriously, I usually have no problem with two hour naps but... really.  So much for my ladies man ;)
Dax getting ready for the party by attacking the toilet paper roll.