Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Portland Trip

Yikes, it's been a busy week!

Dax and I headed to Portland last weekend to visit my sister, Erin, and her fiance, Nik.  My mom was also in town to help celebrate Erin & Nik's engagement.  It was a whirlwind weekend which shows because I barely have any pictures to share.  Dax did very well traveling for the first time on an airplane and putting up with little napping and lot's of activity.
Gigi and Dax on top of the Apartment building where Erin & Nik live in Portland.
One of my favorite outings was visiting the swift migration.  Thousands of small birds roost every year in this old school chimney in Portland.  It's an amazing phenomenon.  Not sure if you can tell in my cell phone picture but the little flecks are fist sized birds circling into the school chimney.
Swift Bird migration
While we were away Zach was a busy worker and finished up more of our window trim (yes from last year) and did an excellent job.  It was awesome to come home to a clean house and new trim!  I'm thinking I should leave town more often :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck...

I know it's fall when it's time to gather wood for the inevitable winter season.  With kid and dog in tow we headed up to the Sawtooth mountains for some annual wood cutting.  Yes of course we brought our PERMIT!  It was a successfull mission and all were exhausted from our efforts after a long day.
Sleepy Lumberjack
too many sticks, not enough time

Friday, September 16, 2011

Indian Creek Fire

Lighting struck a mountain behind Zach's parents house this past weekend and fire ensued.  Within moments the fire was quickly rolling up and down a sagebrush covered hillside too close for my comfort.  Zach's dad, Nick, seemed oddly familiar with this event.  While watching a helicopter rush back and forth to the nearby pond for water, he took to his parked boat with dogs, Ocho & Gus, to watch.  He didn't seem nervous about the event when Zach, Dax, and I showed up to the house amongst fire trucks.  Instead, he calmly greeted us as if this event only seemed slightly threatening.  If it were my house I would have packed the car at this point with anything not bolted to the floor!

But as Nick was quoted in the local paper the fire & rescue services "...were right on it."Within hours we spotted an airplane bomber overhead that pummeled the fire with retardant as it was rushing over the ridge.  Eventually the fire began to calm.  Fire fighters continued to battle the blaze for the next day and a half on foot, putting out any embers that may be lurking.  All in all, it was an exciting event and happily the home owners in Indian Creek had no need to run for cover.  Zach's mom, Jean, was luckily out of town otherwise it may have been difficult for Nick to decide between rescuing his John Deer tractor or his wife :)
Photos by Zach.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kickin Back

A boy and his dog :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Zach, Dax, Lucy, and Briggs.
Twins, Lucy & Briggs Stevenson, are 17 months old and nothing but F-U-N.  Dax is learning from the best how to eat gravel, roll in the grass, and toddle like a toddler.  Thank goodness for buddies!

Backyard Visitor

We had a visitor this morning at our back door.  I'm not sure who was more excited, Lucy or Zach!  My husband is on a mission to evacuate the little critter, quickly, and I can't help but sit back and chuckle as he goes into action.  Of course this is NO laughing matter!

Message from Zach to his Uncle Tony this morning:
Title: porcupine in my backyard...

Up my pine tree, how am i going to get him out:

1. shoot him
2. trap him
3. wait for him to leave
4. take a broom and shoo him into a trash can as Idaho Fish and Game suggested
5. other
Which do you think is the best pick, 1 through 5?


My letter to the porcupine.


Mr. Porcupine,
Take it easy on my husband.  He get's a little excited when critters enter our backyard.  Keep in mind, one too many skunks have sprayed our dog.  I'm sure you were lost this morning and disappointed you ended up in a fenced yard with no food.  I can imagine you were waiting for a quiet moment when a flashlight wasn't shining or an angry voice wasn't shouting at you to make your exit.  You are admittedly a prickly creature to encounter.

I will let my husband seem relieved (even though disappointed) that you are gone and he won't be able to shoot you out of our tree.

Entertained House Wife and Baby

Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Swim

We took the extra day off work to head to the pool and start some swim lessons.
Here are some highlights.

Practicing our surfers paddle.

First time under water.
Ta Da!