Monday, January 21, 2008

Wedding Update

I have made progress with the wedding! We've picked a date, location, and I've found a dress. The dress is thanks to my mom and sister, Erin. After many scary encounters with bridal shops in Reno (including a Korean cat take-over, David's Bridal pee escapade, and a western fringe bridal shop) we decided to take a quick trip to Sacramento. And it was well worth it for a bride on a budget with style in mind! We had a great time and I'm so happy they were there to help me. I'm not going to share too many of the dress details online however as I'm doing my best to keep the secret from my fiance; despite, his interest or lack there of. And what wonderful friends I have in Idaho to back me up on my decision after freaking out that maybe I had selected something that was not what I wanted. They helped me realize I had made a great choice!

The wedding ceremony/reception is going to take place at one of my favorite little spots in the valley, Galena Lodge . It's humble but perfect! Known for it's Nordic skiing trails in the winter, and it's great hiking in the summer, the lodge is nestled 20 minutes north of Sun Valley/Ketchum. It's a journey for a lot of our family and friends to get there but I promise it will be worth it! Great food by local chefs and lodge proprietors, we are looking forward to seeing everyone!

January Flying Bye....

I can't believe we are almost through January! Time is flying by...I haven't forgotten about my little blog but just haven't been taking pictures lately b/c of the overkill on the holidays most likely. Zach has been doing a good job documenting his ski tours but finally someone else has taken some photos of him "farming turns". Thanks to Mike, thought I would share a few of Zach in his free time....where is my free time by the way ;-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Belated New Year!!!

So I'm a little behind (alright a couple weeks) but I did have a great Christmas and New Year's with Zach and his family in Idaho! Presents, eating, and skiing filled most of our days. Zach was sick over New Years unfortunately and lost his voice. We ended up having a nice evening at home with our ever growing yellow lab, Lucy. It seems the holiday weeks were a month in itself coming back to work the day after a holiday, and then having a weekend and then turning around to have another holiday left us without our usual routine.

I managed to finish another semester in grad school with all A's and have been using my time off from school to focus on the upcoming wedding! Lot's to plan and lot's to do but I'm managing and always looking for great ideas on how to do it 'environmentally friendly' and on a budget!