Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Bike-tivities & Such

Summer, summer, summer is here!  We have found all sorts of ways to enjoy it on our bikes as of lately.  To work, to daycare, on the trails, and in the mountains.
One of my favorite gatherings was the annual Bike Polo event.  Lot's of laughing and ridiculous situations lead to inevitable fun.  Thanks to Papa Nick, Grand Jean, and Aunt Kat for watching Dax so Zach and Sarah could play!

Somebody is happy :)

Beautiful ride on Baldy.

Dax finding ways to distribute water around the backyard.  Sprinkler, bucket, pool, so many options.

Aaaah, just chilling on a Sunday evening after another great weekend.  Summer time rolls along...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ladies Spa Retreat

Not a bad view.

I spent last Friday with a some girlfriends at Meadowcreek Spa in Stanley.  Aaaahhh, a little massage, a glass of vino, and dinner out with the girls was greatly appreciated.
Rachel, Jenna, Christine, Megan and I

And a great way to celebrate Jenna's birthday!
A birthday beer makes every birthday better.
Thanks ladies for a perfect get-a-way!  When are we going again?!?

The next day Dax and Zach meet up with me at the bakery for some homemade breakfast before heading out to do a little hiking around Alturas Lake with David, Rachel, and Thijs.
Dax tries to eat dandelions instead of the food at the bakery.
Love, love, love summertime :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rocky Weekend

Our new second home.  The 8 man mansion pitched in the backyard.

Climbing gear?  Check. 
Camping gear?  Check.
Toddler gear?  Check.
Snowstorm with intermittent wind, rain, and a dabble of sunshine.....not what we signed up for! 

Friday we headed south from Hailey three hours to our favorite climbing mecca, the City of Rocks.  We were loaded to the gills and ready for fun.  Setting up camp in a rainstorm could have been our first clue into weather instability but after hours of frantically packing the truck we were sure there was something in the back that could handle this?  Pizza at Rock City is a must and we celebrated Thijs's first birthday with the Lloyd family. 
Susie, Sarah, and Skade.  Nothing like good camping.

The next day seemed harmless enough with good climbs for most of the crew.  Zach was feeling good about a lead on a tough route up Elephant Rock.  And then... the wind picked up..."grapple" is the word I kept hearing.  A hail like snow that was relentless.  Our wise leader, Zach, made the final call to pack things up and head home.  Ian, our care free co-pilot, was slightly damaged but in good spirits.  I was sad but relieved. 

Sunday we made up for the poor weather conditions and managed a great bike ride out Croy Canyon in Hailey.  Zach is determined to make me a better mountain biker and reluctantly... it's working.  There will be a day when I climb onto my mountain bike and don't dread falling painfully off a rocky cliff.  I guess that's what happens when you marry a persistent national mountain bike champion.
Do I still have all my teeth?

 Jenna came to Dax's rescue and entertained the little man while we were on our bike ride. 
Thank goodness for Jenna!
Dax helps daddy change a tire.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Beantown 2012

Dax and I had the opportunity to visit the Winslow family, Jon, Regina, and Jack, in Boston over Memorial Day weekend.  It was such a treat to catch up with my dear friend and meet her beautiful baby boy, Jack!  I've always loved this historic city and this trip did not disappoint.

Beautiful flowers at the Public Gardens.
Dax and Jack are two weeks apart in age so they where perfectly in stride, toddling along, laughing at incomprehensible jokes, and getting into general mischief.  Their favorite activity was pushing each other back and forth in a toy cart across the room.

Regina and I were mommies on a mission towing the boys around to make sure and soak up what we could during our short visit.  My favorite activity with the boys was a visit to the Boston Children's Museum.  More of an activity center for kids of all ages then a museum we were able to let the boys loose to play, touch, and discover everything within their reach.  A truly amazing facility that I would visit again in a heartbeat.

Jack plays at the Children's Museum.
Dax in the Children's Museum.
Favorite room for the boys at the museum was
the Construction room, go figure!
 Dining out, and shopping was a treat I don't normally get to indulge in but Regina and I found the time to do both.  So nice being a girl in the city!
Gorgeous gals :)
Dreams come true in Boston for our little boy as his favorite Fire Truck book came to life when we walked by a station on our way back to the Winslows apartment.  Dax not being shy and pointing madly at the truck was invited to sit in the drivers seat and give it a go.  I think he said "Wow" at least ten times before breaking down in tears when mommy pulled him out.
A firefighter in the works.

 Luckily, we had a much different travel experience on the way home to Idaho then on the way back from Boston.  Throwing up all over mommy and refusing to sleep had me thinking it was a terrible idea to ever leave home.  But a row to ourselves, and a little more experience helped Dax feel comfortable to sleep and dream on the way home.
The sleeping lion.
I think he knew we were headed home to see daddy.  We sure did miss him but are so happy we had the chance to see the Winslow's and look forward to them coming to Idaho!