Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

From Dax the Dinosaur.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Standoff

On days when Zach is working near Hailey Lucy gets to tag along.  Frequently, she comes across a few natives and has to make her presence known.  A standoff ensues (mostly in her mind) between her and these large, loud, and stinky creatures. 
The sighting.

The standoff.
If that fence was not there I have a feeling everyone would be running in opposite directions. 
The final stare down.
Until next time...

6 Months and Growing...

Last year at this time I was keeping track of vegetables as size comparisons for the baby growing in my belly.  Now a year later we have our baby boy eating those vegetables left and right.  Six months old Dax is adventuring into the world of eating.

Carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, peas and avocado are on his starter menu.  I've been busy blending whatever I can find in season to feed the little eater.  A hilariously slow process he seems to forget what he's doing in the middle of eating and then eventually remembers again when mommy shovels another spoonful of something yellow or green into his mouth.  Then of course he wants to be in charge of the spoon which is a completely different activity.

Lucky boy, he has a lot of new tastes ahead of him and the two bottom teeth that are starting to show will definitely help.  Just imagine tasting chocolate for the first time (being related to me is going to be a problem for him as he grows).  Good thing we can start with the veggies.  I'm pretty sure he relates to his daddy when it comes to eating and somehow putting down more then he shows.  He is the light of our lives and everyday gets better and better with our little Dax.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Work to Play

My wonderful husband decided to spend the weekend with his family and catching up around our house. A rare opportunity we spent the weekend at home "nesting" which is great this time of year with iffy weather.

Auntie Kat offered to babysit the little guy so Zach and I could get a little mountain riding in.  Then we spent the rest of the weekend outfitting our pantry with much needed shelves.  Seriously, how did we survive without these?

A big surprise for me was an upgrade to my current skis for the new ski season, thanks again to my husband!  Zach swapped out my current set of sticks for a used pair of K2 Coombas.  Dax made sure to test them out :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wooly Weekend

It was a weekend of fall activities and a celebration of sheep in the valley this past weekend.  The family headed over to Quigley Canyon on Saturday to watch the Sheep Dog Trails.  A national event that has border collies herding sheep according to their handlers whistle calls.  Ever seen Babe the movie?  Pretty amazing to watch a dog use such skill.

Somehow we managed to pull it together on Sunday to watch the Trailing of the Sheep parade that takes place every fall in Ketchum.  About 1,500 sheep walk down main street following Peruvian, Basque, Scottish, Polish and American Cowboy, singers, and dancers.  All honoring the wooly mascots in their own way and a long tradition of raising them in the valley.  Our little guy seemed to be fascinated with the wave of white quickly running by.

And Friday was football at Nick & Jeans.  A couple of Bronco fans showed up.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

La Valle de Rouche our French friend, Sebastian, calls the City of Rocks.  We gathered him, Dax, and gear for a weekend of rock climbing about two hours south of Hailey this past weekend.  An annual trip we like to do with friends we made the most of the beautiful fall weather. 
David hiking out to our first climb.
Michael and Erin loaded with gear.
That's me climbing with the red helmet.
Ryan boule's Sebastian on a climb.
New climbers Dax and Thijs do their pre-climb stretches.
Sebastian waves from the top.