Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Pool

My office decided to set-up a little "pool" for the Latham baby arrival.  Having about 18 guys in the office any reason to gamble seems like a good idea to them.  There is a calender for guessing the date the baby is born and the sex and an envelope for your $1 guess.  If you guess the baby's weight you could be the first non-Latham family member to hold the baby ;) 
Someone added Lucy's picture on the top right as inspiration.  I love our dog but goodness I hope our child isn't as hairy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Special Spoon

Zach's grandfather, Ken, is more than your typical craftsman.  He has been known to construct a building or two from scratch.  A regular do it yourself kind of guy.  In his spare time he makes belt buckles, jewelry, tools, and more. 

I have been admiring his handiwork for years particularly at Zach's parents house in one of Ken's hand crafted "tea spoons".  A spoon with a lid that has holes in the top and bottom for steeping tea.  To my surprise yesterday afternoon I received a package with my very own teaspoon made of copper by grandpa Ken.  I was thrilled!  

I know he put a lot of time into making this and I plan to treasure it for even longer :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Elk Crossing

After work yesterday I was driving home and came across a herd of elk trying to cross the road.  They were in single file and slowly waiting their turn to risk the run across Buttercup Road.  Luckily, there was enough light out to spot these creatures because not only can they be seriously injured or killed but so can the driver.

I slowed down of course to give them right of way but they weren't interested in negotiating.  So I snapped a  few quick pictures with the pink sunset in the background and kept rolling home.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Chinese Hurdler

Zach was laughing so hard he was crying over this.

Ski Inspiration

If you haven't noticed skiing seems to be my main topic for blog postings as of late.  But that is the time of year that our little snow town thrives.  Hence, more ski stories...

My friend, Megan, and I headed to Quigley Nordic trails on Saturday to get a little exercise.  This time last year Megan was pregnant with twins and didn't know what she was having.  Now she happily tows along Briggs and Lucy (10 months) in a chariot weighing at least 60lbs.  She chats merrily as we ski along only slowing down slightly at hills.  I am huffing and puffing more as I get farther into my pregnancy.  Seeing Megan relaxed and casual outdoors with two little ones gives me great inspiration for the future.   
Lucy, Briggs, and Megan

Megan with the chariot.
On Sunday ,Zach joined Lucy and I for a free day of skiing and we managed to take a video of some of the fun.  Unfortunately, I can now see my ski form needs major improvement.
Lucy is a fan of skiing to say the least :)

Zach also squeezed in a ski tour with friends and took more photos to share.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Belly Time

I get it.  Be proud of the belly :)  
In my defense, it is the first time in my life (and any woman's) 
where you are encouraged to gain a round protruding sphere on your stomach.  
But with all the kicking lately it's hard to ignore that this belly is housing our newest family member.  
So I'm working on embracing the belly. 
Everyday, I'm getting more excited to meet the little belly maker.
Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow :)
My yoga attempt with the belly

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Classic Ski & Window Trim

I've been procrastinating my weekly blog post because I haven't captured a picture of the new interior window trim that Zach and Nick worked so hard on over the weekend.  It's wonderful!  And the best part is we can put up our window shades in the living room now so we won't be on display for the neighborhood at night.  There is still 11 windows to trim out but regardless they are knocking them out window by window. 

Luckily, it wasn't the BEST ski weekend so Zach didn't feel too badly about missing anything in the mountains.  I started painting the baby's nursery with no VOC paint and a gas mask.  I have a lot to do!

I did get in a free classic ski clinic with Brett, Hannah, and Jenna at Galena Lodge over the weekend.  Great simple tips that improved my functionality immediately.  After class we went for a nice long ski loop back to the lodge for hot coco and chocolate chip cookies.  My favorite :) 
Brett and Jenna with some random in the background.

Brett, Jenna, Hannah

So grateful to have Nordic skiing and girlfriends while I'm pregnant!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Under the Weather

Since last Tuesday I have been fighting a cold that seemingly had it's grip on me.  Knocking out all my energy, sinuses, throat, and breathing makes it that much more difficult to be pregnant.  Boo hoo :(  But luckily I had lot's of support and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel today.

Zach's mom, Jean, came by every day with chicken noodle soup, oranges, drinks, books, and cheer.  She even brought dinner for Zach so I wouldn't have to worry about feeding him.  What a woman!  Zach's sister, Katherine, ran by the drug store for me TWICE to pick up some approved medicine.  Jenna brought over soup, bread, and books to read.  And Zach put up with me coughing non-stop for the past week.  Hope I can return the generous help next time someone else is sick.  It truly kept me going.

Despite being sick I managed to make my mom's New Years black eyed peas with slang-jang (tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumbers, and onion salad) for good luck.

Zach got the sore throat part of my cold but it barely stopped him from skiing everyday this past weekend in negative degree temperatures with friends.  It was hard for me not to be envious of all the fun he was having when I was stuck at home but I'm really glad he got out of the house and wasn't forced into my misery.  His favorite ritual before heading out to ski is making his eggs and hashbrowns a la' our wood stove.

Can't wait to get out of the house tomorrow and start the road to recovery :)  Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year Holiday!