Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weed Eaters

How does your community kill weeds?  Why not try goats!

Driving home from the grocery store I wasn't expecting to see this army of weed killers along the bike path.  About one hundred goats munching away on the noxious weeds that hinder the hillside.  They are pesticide free but require a big meal for their services.

I thought the unwanted weed seeds might get passed along in the goats droppings but apparently their gestational track is phenomenal for breaking them down.  Not a bad way to feed the army and remove Nap weed at the same time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

McCall Getaway

We had the opportunity to spend time with our friends the Sundby's (Ian, Sarah, and wonder dog, Winston) this past weekend on their boat in beautiful McCall, Idaho.  A hop-skip-and a jump north, McCall is centered around Payette Lake.  A usual vacation spot for Boise folk this little mountain community has great places to eat, shop, and enjoy the lake it's surrounded by.
Captain Ian and his chocolate banana popsicle.  
Weekend Warriors from the left:
Sarah L., Zach with Dax, Sarah S., Ian, and Winston.
Payette Lake sunset
  We had no problem having a great weekend cruising around town, skiing in the lake, laughing with friends, and soaking up some rays.
Sarah Sundby skis like a champ and it's only her 2nd time! 
So pregnancy does end and my legs still work...yeah!
   Dax (not to worry he was well shaded) enjoyed his first boat ride after adjusting to his new life jacket.
Dax falls asleep in his lifejacket
Winston is ready to pounce in case Zach looses his ski.
Captain Ian gets his turn at surfing.
First mate, Dax.
Thanks Sundby's for getting us out of the house for the weekend to enjoy McCall!  We are already fitting a water ski to Dax for next year :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ride Sun Valley Nationals

Yesterday, Zach showed some home town presence by competing in the National Mountain Biking competition being held at Bald mountain.  No stranger to the mountain or the sport he glided into the finish winning his age group and getting second overall.  I was toting Dax around on my chest and barely had time to jostle to the finish to see him come in.
Zach & Ian ready to ride at the start.

Mama and Dax cheering on daddy.
 Luckily, our good friend Sarah was alert and ready with her camera.  Her husband, Ian, also ran the course but was cursed with a flat tire mid-way thru the race.  Frustrated but always a good sport Ian changed his tire off a narrow single track and finished out the race still beating a majority of the field of bikers, and thankfully all the chicks ;)

Ian crushing thru the first part of the race.

"D" is for daddy & Dax at the finish.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th Review

Another whirlwind weekend blew by us when Erin & Nik visited from Portland.  Hiking, BBQ's, bike riding, water skiing, rodeo, parade, fireworks, outdoor concert... were just a few things on the menu and here are some visuals of the fun.

Auntie Erin reads to Dax.

Dax ready to go to the next event.

Wild flowers along our hike

Erin & Nik

Erin shows how to get around on one ski.

Picturesque Petit Lake


New rodeo grounds

4th of July picnic

Dax hitching a ride with daddy at the 4th parade.
Miss you already!  Come back soon! xoxo