Monday, February 28, 2011

Booze & Onesies

The blank baby clothes ready to be decorated.

Katherine and Megan were too kind in throwing a co-ed baby shower last Friday night to include Zach and the dudes in celebrating the arrival of our new baby this April.  They themed it "Booze & Onesies", in hopes of getting both boys and girls to attend.  It worked and we had a great time!

Katherine sent out funny invitations showing childhood pictures of Zach and I side-by-side.  In the invites both of us were around 5 or 6 in the pictures, me on a horse in full cowgirl attire, Zach with his skis ready to hit the slopes, and the headline read "Cute Cowgirl + Ski Hound = Mountain Baby".  

Zach assumed when we got the invitation that a onesie referred to a one-piece ski outfit.  He was ready to whip out the neon attire.  I had to break it to him that in fact it's the usual attire for a baby, not skiers.   
Hilary the artist.

Auntie Kat has the best slogan.

Megan did a fabulous job decorating with all white baby clothes and it didn't take long for the guests to start decorating.
Ryan Casey's cupcake bib.

Matt McNeal know's his geography.

Uncle Bryan makes sure he's covered.

Booze & Onesies create a comical array of baby attire.  We had a great time and are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends throw us another baby shower that included the boys :)  Thanks MegO & Kat!
The finished master pieces :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter is Back

With a force starting last Thursday, winter has returned!  Every skier in the valley has been rejoicing with the fresh new layers of white fluffy stuff to play in.  I however was in doors for most of the past five days battling another cold/flu :(  But it was beautiful to watch the snow and know that there were happy people enjoying it outdoors.

Zach of course was one of them!  He did some snow blowing in the backyard in between ski time to create "dog town".  That way Lucy can run around and dive in and out of the snow banks at will. 

Getting Zach or Lucy inside this time of year is near to impossible.  And as I type the snow continues to fall.  Welcome back winter :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ladies Baby Shower

I was so lucky to have a baby shower thrown by good family friend, Margo Peck, and Zach's mother, Jean this past weekend.  They went above and beyond any expectations.  It took place in Margo's beautiful home South of Ketchum with about 40 women in attendance.  Catered with scrumptious appetizers and a wine bar I think the ladies really had a good time.  My sister, Erin, and mom were able to make the journey to Idaho to join in the celebration and I couldn't have been happier to have them there.
The women at work.
Lisa and Katherine
Christine, Lydia, Davina, and Sarah S. 

Baby Latham was showered with more gifts then I know what to do with!  And some of the handmade items are just so precious I'm at a loss for words.  This was a huge milestone in my pregnancy and I can't believe it has already come and gone.  I can't wait to meet the baby that everyone helped me celebrate this past weekend.  Thank you, thank you, to all my wonderful friends, family, and hosts for making me and the baby feel loved :)  I'm truly blessed. 
Jean shows the quilt made for Zach's birth by his grandmother & friends.
Jean, Sarah, Jeannie, and Erin.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Family Visit

Phew, it was a whirlwind weekend and I'm still recovering from all the fun and activities. My mom flew in from Reno, and my sister, Erin, and fiance, Nik, flew in from Portland.  I think Zach and I managed to entertain the heck out them from morning til' night.  Erin and Nik skied on Baldy with Zach on Friday while my mom and I ran some errands around town and got our nails done.  Then we met up for lunch at the River Run lodge.  That evening we enjoyed a comedy show in Sun Valley.  I laughed so hard I think the baby did a couple forward rolls.
Nik, Erin, Jeannie, Sarah & Zach outside SV Lodge.
Zach & Nik at the Comedy Show.

Erin, "Gretchen Fraiser", and Sarah.
 Nordic skiing for the girls and backcountry skiing for the boys the next day before a delicious lunch at my favorite, Galena Lodge.  Then it was time for the Ladies Baby Shower at Margo's (more to come on that).
Erin posing SV style on skate skis.

Classic skiing at 8 months pregnant.
Zach's aunt, Jane, uncle, Tony, and his girlfriend, Stephanie also made the journey to our valley this past weekend.  It was wonderful to see them all and learn about some of the Latham family history in a 150 year old cradle and rocking chair passed down to us for the baby.

Sarah, Jeannie, Erin, Jean, Kat, Jane, and Stephanie at the Lathams.

It was such a treat to have everyone in town to celebrate baby Latham and enjoy the little snow we still have in the mountains.  Thanks for coming and please come again soon! xoxo
Sarah, Jeannie, and Erin.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nick's Birthday Celebration

Zach's dad, Nick, had his birthday last Thursday and we celebrated half way up the ski mountain at the Roundhouse Lodge.  Dining via Gondola is always a treat and this was extra special with the arrival of Nick's brother, Tony, and his girlfriend, Stephanie.  My mom was also in town so she was able to join a total of 10 people for a delicious fireside meal. 

Nick you may be getting older but it's clear to me your still young at heart!
Here is the man with all his birthday loot including a handmade duck caller from brother Tony.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Be Mine

Happy Valentines Day! 
And Happy Birthday to my niece Avery :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Empathy Suit

Last night Zach and I had our first birthing class.  We joined 9 other couples at the medical center in Hailey to learn what we could about the in's and out's of labor, delivery, and baby in the first two hour session of a six course series.  Our teacher, Larsen Peterson, was great and has 30+ years of teaching experience under her belt.

The teacher asked for a volunteer and I quickly nominated Zach knowing this might be for something good.  And indeed it was!  Zach had to put on an "empathy suit".  The suit simulates what it might feel like to be pregnant for a man.  It's 30+lbs with a belly and breasts.  The teacher then adds additional weighted lead balls into the stomach to simulate what it might feel like to have something kicking inside you.  Zach had to get "dressed", tie his shoes, sit down on the floor, and try to get comfortable all in the empathy suit.  I think he would agree he has a whole new respect for what women go through while being pregnant.

The picture quality isn't the best because it was extremely hard to focus when I was laughing so hard.  But those who know Zach can surely visualize him flopping around on the floor with grunts and moans. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ski the Rails

Saturday I headed out with Lucy in tow for a community event called, "Ski the Rails".  What was once the old railroad tracks through the Wood River Valley is now the summer bike path and winter ski trails.  It's a wonderful asset to the community and there is never a day where someone isn't out enjoying it's benefits. 
Lucy watching out of the back of the bus window.
Bus full of skiers heading to the start in Ketchum.

Ski the Rails is basically that.  People start out in Ketchum and ski down to Hailey (about 11 miles) to meet at the Sun Valley Brewery for music, food, and beer (or water in my case) afterwards.  Lucy and I joined Jenna, her husband, Willie, and their dog, June, for the bus ride up and ski back down to Hailey.  We classic skied and enjoyed the glide, sunny day, and treats along the way. 
Lucy and I at the start ready for action.
Jenna and I mid-way at a booth.
Finish line at the Sun Valley Brewery.
I was a little more then exhausted on Sunday but it was well worth the enjoyment of the day.