Monday, October 28, 2013

Utah Nana

My Nana moved to Utah this past spring so we are lucky to visit her when in the area.  
She is doing great and kickin butt at 90.  Go Nana!

Airplanes & Sugar Beets

Never know what you will find on your way to Salt Lake City and back!

Hill Air Museum

Sugar Beet Mountain...somewhere in Idaho

Happy 90th Kenny!

Zach's grandfather turned 90 this past weekend and we traveled down to Ogden to celebrate.  What a guy!  Nothing is slowing him down at his age.  He drove his new Prius to the restaurant that he ordered online and I just emailed him before putting up this post.  He has so many stories and amazing qualities, I feel lucky that my boys may inherit a unique quality from him :)
Otto & Great Grandpa Ken

Fall Back In

Yikes!  It's been awhile since my last post but these boys are keeping me busy.

We have been busy with house projects, colds, and some traveling. 
Dax at the Pumpkin Patch

Otto trying to keep up with his brother.