Monday, February 25, 2013

Fun in Phoenix

Dax and I headed south to Arizona to spend some time with the LaDuke family in the desert over President's Day weekend.  We celebrated Avery's 5th birthday, visited the Phoenix Zoo with Liam, and fed the ducks at the neighboring reserve with all the kids.  It was great to visit the LaDuke's beautiful new home, and Dax had NO problem helping break in the bouncy house.
Avery is 5! And she will tell you on her new microphone.

Dax and Liam at the zoo.

Dax always has time to drive a tractor.

Some Phoenix Zoo Wildlife

Yee-haw cousins

I will destroy you cupcake.

Cousins at the park.

Quick trip to the store.

Liam ponders his next approach to the bouncy house.

Feeding the Koi fish.
Thanks LaDukes!  We love you and it was so great to spend some time with you.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Rubber Lips Skis

Like father, like son...Dax has really been enjoying his time on skis lately.  He now points to the mountain when he see's it and says "Dollar!"  He also announces "Dax ski on mountain" whenever he get's the chance.

And of course the hot coco breaks!  He loved hanging out with his buddy Thijs in the lodge.

Thijs and Dax fooling around in the lodge
And yesterday was Papa Nick's 63rd birthday!  Happy Birthday!

Nick, Dax, and Zach at the birthday party