Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Salt Lake Family

We geared up and headed out with the boys to visit family in Salt Lake City last weekend.  They were troopers and did an excellent job being drug around from one loving adult to the next.

First we checked in with Nana and she looked beautiful as always.  We were happy to see she was enjoying her new town and finding all the good restaurants to eat at.

Then we saw the Griffiths and their chicken coop.  Dax checked every stationary hen to see if there might be an egg hiding underneath.  Later, the ones he did find with Uncle Jay's help, were our breakfast.
Dax and Uncle Jay

Breakfast time

Lexi, Aaron, and Dax

And next was Great Grandpa Ken who showed us his new Prius proudly purchased from Ebay.  Who says old people don't know how to use the internet?
Zach and GG Ken might go for a ride with Dax
Sadly we missed a number of our family members who were out of town but that gives us good reason to go back and visit soon.


A few weeks back we were lucky to have Papa Bob visit us from Reno.  He met Otto for the first time, took Dax to the park, saw his last day of school, and visited the circus.  I didn't say that correctly..."THE CIRCUS!"  Dax has been talking about it ever since it visited out little town.

Being from Reno this actually felt like a casino attraction more then the Barnum & Bailey professionals most people are use to.  These acrobats were a little over weight, the clowns weren't that funny, the jugglers dropped their knives, and the motorcycle trick was run by the guy who took our tickets at the gate.

But all that didn't matter to a two year old.  There were elephants!  And people in funny outfits, silly music, and kids everywhere.  Watching it from Dax's eyes made the event seem more then worth it.

Here are a few highlights from our visit with Papa Bob and the, I mean...THE CIRCUS!
Papa and Otto



Papa, Dax, and Zach

An elephant!

How close can he get to the elephants?

We had to tear him away because he was trying
 to fit through the fence.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Strider

It clicked.  
Dax received a Strider bike for Christmas from Aunt Kat and Uncle Bryan but didn't want much to do with it until these past few months.  A genius invention for kids the Strider bike is basically a bike without pedals.  That simple.  It teaches the kid how to balance and control before taking the next step to peddling.  

And over the past few clicked.  Dax learned to pick up his feet, use them as brakes, fall down like a big boy and then brush it off to ride again.  He loves it and we love watching!

 Once he seemed to have the technique down (or maybe a little before) we took him to the local Pump Park to test it out.  Dirt mounds in various shapes and patterns make for a fun adventure on your bike, especially a Strider.

Daddy tries to keep up at the park.

No doubt little brother, Otto, will be on his own Strider in the near future.

The Amazing Gigi

Gigi came to Idaho a few days early for Otto's surprise arrival.  She stayed a little longer then she planned but I couldn't be more thankful!  She made sure we were all fed, slept, cleaned, and happy.  And despite sleeping in Opus, the R-Pod, she woke up perky and ready for action everyday.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Your a life saver Gigi.  I hope I can learn to be half the mother you have been for me :)

Kosach Memorial Visit

The Kosach's came to visit for Memorial Day weekend and despite the rainy weather we managed to have a great time.  Here are a few pictures (sorry if any of these are repeats from Erin's blog):

Erin, Nik & McKinley at the Pump Park.
Sleeping Otto
Dax and McKinley clean it up.

Run Dax Run!
Erin and McKinley hiking Quigley.

Gigi, McKinley, and Dax having fun.
It came and went so quickly.  Come again soon!