Monday, May 26, 2008

Kitchen Completion

With Zach away kayaking on the Lachsa river I could once again focus in on our kitchen and wrap things up. I managed to grout the tile backsplash and finish painting the walls. Overall, I think we managed to stay under $1000 for our quick update to the kitchen. We are much happier in our new space! And of course we couldn't have done it without Nick and his expert help!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Front Porch Remodel

Well, if we didn't have enough to do we thought we would add another project to the list. Zach and Nick ripped out the run down wooden deck we had in the front and have worked hard in setting up a new layout for a paver porch that will be soooo much better! We spent some time last night getting another row of pavers lined up and are ready for action again tonight. I haven't posted kitchen completion pictures yet (even though we are almost done). I just have to grout the backsplash and touch up the walls but stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reno/SF Visit

I had a wonderful trip to Reno to see my family and catch up on all the new happenings. My mother as always was a gracious and busy hostess. My sister, Addie, and my nieces, Callie and Avery were there as well, so the girls were taking over! My step-father, Ben (aka Grumpy), did a good job staying calm and collected in this gaggle of geese. Some of the activities we enjoyed were eating out, shopping, playing with the girls at the park, and getting our nails done. Visiting my grandmother's apartment was a sad and lonely feeling but I'm happy she didn't have to live in a hospital in her final days. After Addie had a surprising kidney stone attack at 1:30am and then surgery the following morning it felt like none of us got any rest. Luckily, she is ok and made it home safely to Tuscon with the little ones. Thank goodness Gigi was there to take her to the hospital and watch little Avery during surgery. I stayed busy trying to entertain Callie but she seemed just fine watching cartoons and looking for frogs in the backyard.

Erin, my mom, and I said goodbye to Addie and the girls and then headed South to San Francisco for the weekend. We met up with Jean and Katherine (Zach's mom and sister) at a great hotel on Union Square. A delicious dinner at Le Colonial (French Vietnamese) and then out to North Beach for entertainment and dessert. The next day we seemed to walk all over the city visiting the new Ferry Building (which has an AWESOME farmers market), riding the trolley and then shopping in every store possible. We were on the hunt for the MOB and the MOG's outfits for the upcoming wedding. I think between them they must have tried on over 100 dresses. But with luck at the last moment they both found beautiful options for the big day. A quick clean-up at the hotel and then out to AT&T baseball park for a game with Mariah. Treated like VIP's, thanks to my dad, Zach's mom almost got hit by a foul ball, we were captured dancing on the large jumbo screen and we got to take pictures with "Lou Seal" the Giants mascot. Lot's of fun!

Thanks girls for a great week/weekend and I look forward to seeing all again!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Grandmother's Day Farewell

My grandmother, Dorothy, passed away this past Saturday, a day before Mother's Day. It seemed horribly painful at the time but now seems somewhat appropriate for her life to end around such a meaningful day. Death is never anticipated but she lived a strong 92 years of life and was loved dearly by her many family members. A matriarch in many ways her life was defined by her Texas roots, her loving husband, Robert, (who passed away over 10 years ago), her four children, and many, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A contagious laugh, green thumb in gardening, and delicious holiday meals are things that I will always cherish when thinking of her. Growing up she always seemed to have ample amounts of energy and drive throughout her life and had a story to tell in every situation. My favorite being of when she and my grandfather had gone on a date and she managed to get their car stuck in the mud while driving. She seemed to tell the tale just right and I can hear her laughing as she describes Robert trying to get them out of the muddy lake. To all her family and friends her life will be a positive inspiration to guide us through our many adventures. Dorothy, mother, grandmommy, you will be dearly missed!