Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Grand Canyon Adventure

We leave this Sunday for 18 days on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. 14 people, 4 boats, 2 kayaks, and a whole lot of gear! It is a 'self-guided' expedition so no 'professional' river guides. The group I am going with has been waiting 11 years for a private permit to have the opportunity to float the Colorado on their own terms. After this year a lottery will be put in place where you can no longer apply to raft the river but instead will be randomly drawn from a large pool of contendors. So needless to say we feel very lucky to go! I'm excited to get to know this landscape better as I have only vague memories as a child when viewing it with my family briefly on a long drive from Reno to Texas. We plan on floating over 228+ miles while stopping to take hikes along the way. I have a solar charger for my digital camera battery so I hope to come home with great footage of our escipades. Ready or not, here we come!

24hours of Moab

Last weekend Zach and his friends completed a 24hr mountain bike race in Moab, UT. Interesting adventures in the dark with gear etc. where at one point Zach's headlamp went out and he only (luckily) had a light on his bike. Can you imagine riding your bike in the dark with no lights? Let alone on mountain biking trails, really fast! He definitely has a few new injuries to complain about. They had a great time!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


For Rachel's 30th we celebrated German style and I learned what a drirndle is (apparently a German dress that I was convinced to wear)...That's the girls all dressed up for the fun event! Rachel is on the far right. Looking good for 30!