Monday, March 10, 2008

Habitat Article

There is a new article out on my business, White Canvas Designs, in the Sun Valley Guide's, Habitat, magazine. I'm thrilled! It's a wonderful opportunity to share my passion with the people in my community and let them get to know me a little better. I think I could write a book on the topic if given the chance and am so impressed that the editor managed to make a story out of our discussions. If your interested in getting a copy with more pictures on our humble home or further information on sustainable interior design let me know.

Sleigh Bells

This past weekend Zach's family was great to include us on a traditional sleigh ride from Sun Valley to Trail Creek Cabin, a famous lodge nestled in the mountains, 15 minutes by sleigh ride. Drawn by two Clydesdale Horses and an old timer that seemed very familiar with the workings of a large sleigh. It carried about 20 people over and across the land, sleigh bells and all. It was fun to see the town still covered in winter's snowy blanket. When arriving at the cabin we were welcomed into a warm lodge, burning fire and all. We celebrated three winter birthdays: Katherine, Nick, and Zach's at Trail Creek. Butternut squash soup to start, grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, green beans, and blueberry crumble were included on the menu. An accordion player serenaded us as we drank and ate. We bundled up for the ride home but didn't need to worry too much as we star gazed on our way back to Sun Valley. Foxes followed our sleigh hoping to get some left-overs. The foxes have to be my favorite animals in this area. So cat like in grace but familiar like a dog they are quite beautiful to watch...

Along with the sleigh ride I managed to guile Zach's help with reworking our kitchen. A very small space to work with being an interior designer in your own house can be torture sometimes. We have stripped the cabinets, primed, and painted. The final coats should be applied this weekend (if we can find time around Zach's birthday). And then it's the final touch with a new countertop and hardware. Can't wait to pull it all together!