Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Merry to All!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ski Bunny

Admittedly, Dax was NOT interested in putting on his ski boots when we first introduced them.  Who could blame him?  They aren't the most comfortable things made for feet.  Besides, he just learned how to walk less then a year ago.  But in this valley when your walking you are ready to ski!

I brought Dax up to Dollar (the children's ski mountain) in Sun Valley on Saturday and he was still reluctant to try.   After some hot chocolate and observation of other kids tromping around in their ski boots we managed up the magic carpet lift to the top of a little bunny run. 
Riding up the magic carpet with mom.
Excited to ski down for the first time.

 I huddled down over him like a mother hen and off he went laughing and squealing the whole way down.  He wanted more!  Papa Nick and Yaya showed up and were a big help.

Papa Nick helped bring Dax down a few runs.
Big day and all were exhausted! 
One tuckered ski bunny
 After  Dax's first day of skiing I have a new found respect for my parents and Zach's for managing to teach their children how to ski at such a young age.  I kept visualizing my dad skiing backwards, video taping us, while towing us down Mt. Rose by a water ski rope.  Wow!  The things parents do to share their love of a sport.  Thanks parents!  We are working on passing the love on.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Farming

A few photos of Zach and his friends last weekend having fun in the Idaho backcountry.

Photos by Matt Walker.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree Hunt 2012

It was a soggy Christmas tree hunt this year but a successful one none-the-less.  
Thanks to help from Auntie Kat, Papa Nick and Yaya.

Kat, Sarah, & Dax

Excited to find our tree!

We know who's in charge here.

Zach, Nick, Dax, Jean & Sarah

Yup- Looks like she fits.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings

We headed down to Reno last week to welcome the newest family member, McKinley Kosach, and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with family.  I was so involved in the moment I rarely took out my camera to take enough pictures.  Luckily, everyone else seemed to have a way of documenting but I will have to update this trip with more pictures later.  But for now...
Welcome McKinley!
We drove straight from Idaho to the hospital to meet baby McKinley.  Beaming parents Erin and Nik have someone beautiful to be very proud of.

The next day was a cooking bonanza at my mom's house.  Dinner for 19 and she always manages to make it look easy.  It was fun to have the entire Agee clan in town to celebrate with!  I will have to update with pictures later as I was apparently running around all night and didn't get enough pictures.

Zach, Nik, Mitch and Ali managed a ski tour above the lake after the big feast on Thursday.  Purdy!
Zach, Nik, and Mitch have a snack while enjoying the view from the top.
 Dax was in HEAVEN at the Reno Cabella's when he saw every animal imagined stuffed for display.  He started making noises I've never heard before out of pure excitement.
These fish where really exciting until we saw the elephant!

Saturday night we were happy to celebrate Thanksgiving with a delicious dinner at Papa Bob and Sherri's house.  They were road warriors as well making the long trip up from La Quinta.
Dax was such a trooper for two 8 hr. car rides.  He made road tripping a fun family adventure.
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and we are so thankful for all our family and friends.  We love and miss everyone already!  Thank you for everything and we can't wait to see you again soon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome McKinley!

Sweet baby McKinley was born this afternoon to beaming parents Nik & Erin.  
We couldn't be happier for you
and can't wait to love and kiss that baby girl.

Welcome to the world McKinley!

Monday, November 19, 2012

You Know You Are in Idaho When...

Your dog get's the best seat in the truck.  

Breaking into Winter

The first ski of the season was a climb up Baldy with Ian and Zach.  
Nice to feel the snow below my skis again and get outside with friends.

Zach doesn't even break a sweat. 
 We took Dax for a walk the next morning and spent about 1/2 hour with an earth worm that crossed our paths.  It's fun to see the world through the eyes of a little one.  Everything is so new!

An early Christmas gift from Grandpa Ken was a big surprise for Dax.  
Thanks to Papa Nick and Yaya for putting it together.  
Dax now has some new rubber to hit the road with.

Heading to Reno for Thanksgiving and can't wait to see family and friends!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I came home from work the other day to find this...
Somewhere Zach is hiding underneath.  
I guess it's starting to grow on me and Dax as well.  We are getting used to it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween on the Funny Farm!

The deviled egg, the cow, and the chicken.

Dax (18 months) with Isla (6 months)

Dax found a new toy...just like daddies.

Going right to work.

No stopping him...

Lucy the mouse (2-1/2), Briggs the ladybug (2-1/2), and Dax the cow (18 months)

Happy Halloweeeeeeennnnnn from the funny farm :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

18 Months and counting...

Dax is a year and a half!
It's amazing what a little person can become in that time.

A running machine.  Once I set him down he's off....
Our little mocking bird, that's right watch your language.  
Daddy's little helper in the garage.
He loves to jump high (in his mind) off of everything.  Which mostly looks like a squat with the progressive word- JUMP!- attached.
Hand washing is his favorite activity when he can reach.
A cowboy while riding Lucy to her dismay.
Everything is white, which is a change from our previous go to color of yellow.
A tractor driver, especially with Papa Nick.
He is counting one, two....skip a few...five!

Our little tractor driver
The love of our lives :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Wood, Sheep, and Festivals

Wood Fairies or another name for the people in the Wood River Valley.  We held true to our moniker this weekend and loaded up the wood pile for the onset of winter.  Zach and Kat headed out Saturday with our Farm Boss chainsaw in tow.  Beautiful fall colors made their work environment seem worth it.

Dax and I checked out some of the Sheep Dog Trails that were happening out Quigley Canyon.  He was mostly excited to see the cowboys on their horses and continues to pretend to ride everything around our house which includes: Lucy, mommy, his trucks, toys, and anything that he can find a way to sit on.  We had to have a talk with him when he came home from school a few weeks ago and the teacher informed us that he was trying to ride the classrooms pet rabbit, Pepper.  
Dax admires the sheep and cowboys in the field.
 Later that day his school had a Harvest Festival where we enjoyed some home made goodies while Dax went round and round on the tin can train with daddy.
He is unhappy in this picture because he thinks he has to get off.

Sunday Dax hung out with Papa & Yaya (Zach's parents) so Zach and I could head out on one more day of wood hunting.  Exhausting work but always well worth it to have a warm fire to sit around in the winter.

Fries at Lefty's with Papa & Yaya what could be better!

Dax enjoyed the annual Trailing of the Sheep parade with his grandparents and didn't seem to miss us one bit.  Thanks Papa & Yaya!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Reno Shower

Zach, Dax, and I geared up Thursday evening for the two hour drive to Boise to get on a flight to Salt Lake City and then board another flight to Reno that night.  It was a mission but we were so glad we made it!
The cougar asleep on the plane.  Hallelujah!
 Gigi was so nice to pick us up after her long road trip from Oregon and an big evening out for Steve Kosach's (Nik's dad) retirement party.
Zach & Dax at Casa de Kosach.

Erin & Nik will be moving to Reno at the end of October and found a great little house to call home.  We were happy to visit and check out the new neighborhood after a great lunch with Bob & Sherri at the Brick House. 

We mostly came to celebrate the pending arrival of the Kosach's new baby girl that weekend by showering Erin with presents and treats at Gigi's house.  Ali & Mariah drove up from San Francisco and were awesome hostesses.  The party was only missing Addie.  But she sent some beautiful banners and decoration ideas so it felt like she was there in spirit.  
Shower festivities with Mariah and Gigi in the kitchen. 
Yummy cupcakes from Nothing But Bundt Cakes
Even decorated a few trees with Addie's pom-pom's.
After a great weekend it was time to head home to Idaho.  More planes and driving....  Dax was a trooper and thank goodness for iPhones with kids movies and games!

Are we home yet?
It all went by so quickly and before we knew it we were back home in Hailey.
Back to Idaho
We can't wait to visit again over Thanksgiving and welcome the newest baby to the family!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall And All

It happened again.  Another summer blew by us and fall has arrived.  Tonight the temperatures are going to drop below freezing and I said goodbye to my garden for the season.  So far fall has been beautiful with warm evenings, yellow, amber, and orange leaves, afternoon bike rides, home repairs, friends, and family.

We've been nesting up around our house getting ready for the inevitable winter approaching.  Zach has been checking off one house project after another on his list of to-do's.  Last weekend being the sheeting of the attic space above our garage.  A huge endeavor that he didn't shy away from.  I know most people didn't even know we had an attic and thanks to Zach we can finally utilize it's storage capabilities. 

Dax and I have been in and out of activities.  As of this past weekend he has been recovering from the fall crud.  He is all smiles despite it but we can tell he's not our 100% happy little guy.

I can smell wood cutting in our near future and am appreciating our final warm days until we will be scrambling around the wood stove.  Yet, that will feel so nice when it arrives I'm sure.
Bike caravan with the ladies.

Dax, Thijs, and Henry have a play date at our house.
Morning view of Baldy before the snow flies.