Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

We packed up the 4Runner and headed east to Colorado this past weekend.  On the agenda was to visit family, my former college stomping grounds at CU Boulder, and attend my good friends wedding.

First stop was introducing Dax to more of his family in Salt Lake.  Zach's Uncle Jay & Aunt Jane were delightful hosts and prepared a delicious meal so Dax could meet his Great-Grandfather Ken Latham and more of his cousins, Aaron, Ben, Lexi, and Michelle.  We explored their awesome backyard that includes a zipline, chicken coop, bee hives, and garden.  I made sure we got a sample of honey before we left.
Great Grandpa Ken makes it look easy.
The chicken palace.
Aunt Jane
Continuing East we ended up in Boulder for a night.  Has it really been 10 years?  Wow, I felt old this past weekend.  When did college students start looking like children?  Zach and Dax enjoyed themselves in the Colorado sun, eating out on Pearl Street, and hiking up the Flat Irons.  And when did so many people move to town?  Once a "remote" college campus is now a bustling city that extends all the way back to Denver.  But still I will always be a Colorado Buff :)
Some new Buff recruits. 

Ah, the Flatirons.

 Up into the Rocky Mountains we had the pleasure of attending my college girlfriends wedding in Allenspark, CO.  We stayed in Estes Park and managed a hike with Dax into Rocky Mountain National Park before the big day.  Wildflowers abounded and we enjoyed the change in scenery.

Fern Lake Falls.  We told Dax he was at Disneyland.
We cooled off in our hotel pool and introduced Dax to swimming.  Staying a float with a soggy diaper turned out to be enjoyable for the little guy.  And even better when daddy toweled him off afterwards and he found his thumb!
Staying afloat.

The thumb!

What a gorgeous location for a wedding!  Reminding me of our own wedding day set in the mountains at a small rustic lodge my girlfriend Katie looked stunning.  We had a wonderful time celebrating her new marriage with their family and friends.
Sarah & Katie

Lady killer

All dressed up in Colorado.

Happy Bride & Groom
Yesterday, a 12 hour drive landed us back in Idaho.  Dax did an outstanding job putting up with us.  Smiling and laughing throughout the entire trip.  Now we just need to figure out a way to put him to sleep without putting him in the car :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

To all the special Dad's out there I hope you felt loved and appreciated on your special day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Pronounced "Tice" little baby boy, Thijs Lloyd was born on June 8th to happy parents David & Rachel.  We are so happy for you and have a feeling that "put that down!" will be a common phrase when Thijs and Dax start hanging out.

Baby Thijs
Dax stoked to meet his new buddy

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Starting last Thursday night we've had a lot of biking activities around the valley.  First there was the Drag Races where competitors tied logs to the back of their bikes and then raced down River Street in Hailey.  Once the dark rolled in they lite the logs on fire for more entertainment...sorry no pictures I was a little preoccupied.
Willie's bike looks over the polo fields.

Then last night it was the Bike Polo event followed by the Hot Dog Hill Climb.  Yes, I had a hard time imagining either of these activities but after watching them I can say with limited knowledge that they make sense.  Bike Polo was conducted with two teams of eight on a soccer field.  Paritcipants used whiffle ball bats and a small ball to attempt to score goals into a hockey sized net.  Main rule was you couldn't hit the ball unless you were on your bike.  The pile ups of people on bikes were endless but Zach seemed to avoid them and score two goals.
Zach ready to score goals on the red cruiser.

The next event involved chugging a beer and then attempting to ride up a single track on your bike (mountain, road, or cruiser) while holding a hot dog with one hand.  Fastest time wins bragging rights and there are penalties depending on how bad of shape your hot dog is in when you reach the top.  No skimping on the relish or mustard.

Dax attended all these events (minus the log burning because it was past his bed time).
Happy guy!
I did borrow a couple of photos from miss Sarah S. of her husband, Ian, on the Hot Dog Hill Climb because really you've got to see it to believe it.
Ian rallies on "Ramona" the road bike.  Photo by Sarah Sundby.
Oh and here is the family as we cheer on the competitors for the Hill Climb.
Photo by Sarah Sundby.
The dudes

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mi Familia

We had some visitors from Nevada and Arizona over this past week.  My dad did an 8 hour drive up in his RV from Reno and my older sister, Addie, and her family did the 15 hour drive from Phoenix.  With two small children that was no easy task but the motivation for her at 7 months pregnant to get out of the 100 degree heat was reason enough.  Primarily, they were coming to meet Dax the newest family member but we made sure they had a good time while in town.

Never a shortage of activities in this valley.  We battled rain and sun trying to keep the Phoenix crew warm and my dad content in his RV.  Here are a few pictures from the week of activities.

Papa meets Dax.

Indian Creek dinner on a sunny day.

Papa says goodbye to Callie & Avery.

Stanley playground see-saw.

Callie & Avery's doll show & tell.

Fishing at Indian Creek with Papa.  Avery caught the biggest and only fish about 6" long.

Backyard smores with Lucy on clean-up.

Ice skate princesses.

Addie helps Avery hold baby Dax.
We are so happy you came and sad your visit is already over.  Please, please come again soon!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Morel Season

At least this damp weather we are having has given good reason to do some mushroom hunting around the valley.  Zach, Dax, Lucy, and I did our best and found a few keepers.

I'm thinking pasta and pizza toppers.  Yummy!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feathered Friends

Zach has been diligent about filling our bird feeder lately and it has paid off.  Normally a rare sighting has turned into a vacation retreat for the Lazuli Bunting bird.  Not one or two but tens of these birds have been showing up to visit our feeder.  The males are the pretty blue headed bird below.  The red headed bird is the Cassin's Finch. 

An Orielle and a Western Tanager have also made appearances but we haven't snapped a photo of them yet.  We've really enjoyed watching them and attempting to name them from the high tec book we picked up at Costco on bird species.