Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kitchen Progress

I haven't posted about all the hard work we have been putting into our tiny kitchen over these past months but it has been an on going project. We have a LOW budget, minimal time, and a major need for an update so it all started with me painting the cabinets. Luckily, after doing this Zach realized that the cabinets were only the start and we should continue with new countertops, hardware, and plumbing fixtures, obviously, with a little nudge from his personal interior designer. Without knocking down any walls (unfortunately) we are managing to do a great job! And we couldn't have gotten anywhere without the help of Zach's dad, Nick! What an amazing source of knowledge, expertise, and patience Nick posses in helping us. And of course Jean (his mom) is always making sure we have energy by providing us with food throughout the day. Thanks team!

I can't wait to share the before and after pictures with everyone because it has been a worthwhile project! But in the meantime here is an image that gave me great inspiration throughout our work....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Grandmommy's Move

I just want to wish my Grandmother, Dorothy, 91, the best of luck on her new move to Reno from Texas. My mother is helping her make the big transition so my family can be closer to her and her needs. It will be a treat for all who aren't use to seeing her as much to visit more often (including me I hope). My mother, aunt, and cousins have been working hard on making her new home a comfortable and attractive place that she will feel welcome in. One of the toughest women I know, my grandmother has always grown the most amazing gardens from her lake house in Quinlan. To this day I know my grandmother can name any flower, plant, or living creature that comes across her path. I always wish I was as 'green thumbed' as she is. I love hearing the old stories of her and my grandfather growing up in Texas and their wild adventures. Grandmommy is a true Texas woman at heart but I know where ever she goes Texas won't leave her!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Zach Attack

That's right Mr. Zach! I'm hoping if I put a few of your photos up it will inspire you to make a blog/website to share with everyone. We've had a good snow season in Idaho this winter (as many places) and are still strapping on the skis to head down the hills. Back country skiing is our favorite and the most affordable (once you have the equipment).