Monday, April 29, 2013

Bye Bye Mo-vember

It started in November as a month long mustache dare from friends.  
Growing quite fond of the change, Zach stayed the course.
At times he found a redneck drawl.
Wranglers were worn.  New Tires were purchased.
Yesterday he realized the month was over.  
Clean up began! 

Mo-vember is over dude.
Luckily, we like him with or without his fuzzy facial friend.
Who is that guy?

Garden Gang

I'm so lucky to have had lot's of helpers in my garden over the weekend!  
Zach spent a lot of time digging, tilling, pulling, and thatching all to make our garden grow. 

Dax and Daddy hard at work. 
On Saturday I had three miniature helpers racking, throwing lawn clippings and running a muck whenever possible.
Popsicles for my hard workers Lucy, Dax, and Briggs.

Clean-up crew Lucy, Dax, and Briggs.
Lot's of work but my beds are planted.  Phew!  
Now I hope the weather behaves so we can have some yummy rewards at summers end.

Monday, April 22, 2013

We ♥ Our Friends

Dax had quite the birthday celebration
 with two parties for his two years of age.  
He didn't know about the second one that was thrown as a welcome to new Baby Latham
and a Birthday party at a nearby park by our Montessori friends.

Needless to say he had a good time at both!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

1+1 is 2!

We have been asking Dax for the past month how old he is going to be.  His answer is usually 6.  Actually everyone is 6 if you ask him.  Recently, he started insisting he is one.  So Zach holds up his pointer finger on each hand and says "1+1 is 2" while banging his hands together to end up with two fingers on one hand.  Magic!  Dax was certain he is going to be 2 now.

We love our little guy more then words can explain and it's amazing to look back on all the pictures and videos we have taken over these past two years.  
He cracks us up on a daily basis and is the love of our lives.

Happy 2nd Birthday Big Boy!  We love watching you grow.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

R Pod-olution

We have been researching RV options for some time now and finally settled on a new home-away-from-home this past weekend.  It has bunk beds, a dinette that becomes a queen bed, a sink, a refrigerator, and a little bathroom.  In many ways it's better then our house!  We plan to use it as a guest room extension which makes remodeling plans a lot more affordable.
Dax has his own bed and LOVES the frog symbol on the outside.  We knew this was the one.

The Latham RPod will be traveling the US with our family in tow.  
Watch out!  We may end up in your driveway or yard this summer.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Festivities

Dax was at a great age this year to get into the fun of Easter.  He loves hide & seek so finding hidden eggs from the Easter Bunny with treats in them was awesome!

It was also the last day for skiing at Dollar so we headed over to meet up with some buddies on a warm day.

Wagon ride to Dollar with Thijs.  

 Dax has been skiing down the bunny hill by himself these last few weekends.  I didn't get a great video of him on Easter because I was running around but here is one with Papa & Yaya cheering him on from the bottom the weekend before.  It makes me laugh every time watching this big head on little skis come down the mountain.  

Later that day we had a delicious dinner out Indian Creek and continued to enjoy the beautiful day.
If Papa wears a tie, Dax will wear a tie.
Spring is here and I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Quick Trip to San Fran

I was in San Francisco last week with clients for a quick shopping trip.  I felt right at home and had no trouble guiding them through the Design Center and around my old stomping grounds.  It was great to be back in familiar design territory. 
Furniture shopping

Union Square lunch view
Even better I got to catch up with Ali & Mariah for a yummy dinner.  
Mariah and Ali the cutest dinner dates.
 Breathing was suddenly easy despite being so pregnant.  I know elevation makes a difference but WOW was it nice to have a break from the strain of one breath.  Thank goodness because carrying a big bag of samples around for clients wasn't easy.  
Hills weren't a problem at sea level.

Gorgeous flowers everywhere.  California makes it look so easy.
Randomly, I was in town at the same time as a girlfriend from Sun Valley.  
We had the chance to grab breakfast and do a little shopping.  Need to go back and do a girls weekend!
Clothes shopping with Sarah from SV.  Fun!

One day I would love to have a little get away spot to return to for longer visits but I am glad I was able to make the journey and return home to Idaho (very exhausted) to my guys.