Monday, September 17, 2012


It's just good when your a boy.
Thijs & Dax play with dirt and a duck

Why wouldn't it go in your mouth?

Monday, September 10, 2012

East Fork 2012

Another great adventure weekend accomplished at the East Fork of the Salmon River at the Heiner's White Cloud ranch!  A group of 24 adults and kids biked or drove the backcountry to enjoy a few days of hot tubbing, camping, mountain biking, and good timing.

Justin, Ian, Eric, Matt, and Zach pedal over on Friday. 
I was told this is where the fairies live.

Willie & Jenna enjoy a morning cup o' joe.

Megan, Briggs, and Dax test the hot tub.

Sarah and Isla.  Happy Campers!

Somebody thinks they are an indian.

Dax, Jenna, and I outside an old cabin on the ranch.

A view of the backside of the White Cloud Mountains.

Saturday crew of bikers.

The field of plenty.

Tucker likes his chocolate milk.

Entrance to Heiners White Cloud Ranch

A few ponies Jenna and I wrangled to behave.

Looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day

It's not officially school but WOW did it feel like it this morning when I dropped Dax off for his first day of Pre-Primary school.  We had visited once before for 30 minutes and Dax only complained when I pulled him away from all the miniature farm animals.  Today was no different.  As soon as I set him down he toddled off to find the classroom pet rabbit named, Pepper.  I went to find him to give him a kiss and say goodbye.  While other kids were crying for their parents I was fighting back tears as I watched my baby frolic happily around the room.  I can't believe how quickly he has grown!  How do I stop it?
Dax feeding Pepper.
Ugh, guess I better get use to it because he's only getting older from this point on.
Caught with farm animals in hand.  
When I picked him up this afternoon he was on his third outfit for the day.  Apparently, he really enjoyed the new water in the glass offered to him at meals.  Why wouldn't you dump it on your head?  Phew!  My baby is still with me :)  I scooped him up and kissed him all over.  He thought that was hilarious.

Labor Day Weekend

Papa Bob & Sherri came for a visit over Labor Day weekend and we are so glad they did!

I think we managed to give them just the right amount of activities so they went to bed exhausted each night.  First, we rode our bikes from Hailey to Ketchum to watch the annual Wagon Days parade.  Just what it sounds like, wagons, horses, a camel, and a baby bison all strolled by in various arrangement.
The boys watching the parade plus cute Isla :)

The main attraction, the Big Hitch.

  A little rain shower and a flat tire didn't stop our bike posse from riding back home to Hailey.  That evening Jean cooked up a delicious meal of grouse hunted by Nick earlier that morning.
Dax with his two favorite Papa's.

Day 2 we headed out to Redfish Lake where we managed to escape the smoke from neighboring forest fires.  A picnic on the beach and lounging in the sun was a great way to spend the day.
Throwing stones in the water had never been more fun.

Zach and Dax yuck it up on the beach.

Day 3 was golf for Bob &Sherri, biking for Zach, shopping for the girls, and fishing for the guys.  Dax was battling a cold so he was lucky to stay with Papa Nick & Ya-ya (Jean) for the afternoon.

That morning Dax and I got in a little antique browsing when we happened upon some old toy cars.  Before I could stop him he had jumped in.   One sales lady had to ask me to remove my child from the car.  After I looked at the $500 price tag I understood why!
He literally climbed in before I could say "no, don't touch".  
 Another antique dealer was nice enough to allow Dax to climb on this miniature tractor.  Thank goodness because I was tired of tearing my child away from everything with wheels.
Just like Papa Nick's!

Loved seeing you Papa Bob & Sherri.  Come again!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alturas Lake Afternoon

A little slow on getting this post up but better late then never...
We spent last Saturday afternoon at Alturas Lake with friends and despite the smoke that socked us in from the Trinity fire we had an excellent time.  Zach and Dax had their first tubing experience thanks to the Sundbys.  And Zach and Dax both stayed in despite my many exits.

Don't worry GiGi, Dax got in the boat shortly after this.

Nope, despite his big smile Zach is not having fun.

Dax learned that he could usually get a toy on the beach
 if he surprised other kids in his birthday suit.