Friday, July 25, 2008

29th Birthday

I barely had time to remember my birthday let alone celebrate it! But it was a great birthday thanks to my dear girlfriends, my office, and my loving fiancee. First, I was treated to a pedicure from my friend, Jen. Then the girls and I went to a little place in Ketchum for fresh Chinese chicken salad and catching up on each other's summer activities. Back to the office for the remainder of the day and then celebrating with a few beers. Finally, it was out to dinner with Zach for a little recap of all the activities we have been enjoying this summer, the wedding (of course), and this weekend's events. So far 29 is turning out to be a great year!

Reno Garden Shower

I can't believe a week has already gone by since I was in Reno/Tahoe but I guess that is because we have been so busy with all the events going on this summer. I did make a quick trip to Reno to do some business in Tahoe, and attend a bridal shower at my aunt Carolyn's house. It was so great to have my cousins and relatives there that I haven't seen in awhile. My aunt and uncle have a great little house on Hunter Creek that flows into the Truckee river. The shower was a garden theme and it was a perfect setting. We had fun sharing questions and answers about Zach and I while eating delicous food. My uncle Bob made great fresh mojitos and a delicious peach cake from Whole Foods to wrap it up.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wine Shower

This past weekend, Zach and I, were so lucky to have dear friends host a wonderful wine shower for us with family and friends. We ate, drank, laughed, toasted and enjoyed a beautiful summer evening at a friends home in North Hailey. We were treated to salmon and local Idaho lamb, lemon-drop martinis, and chocolate cake for dessert. It was really a sign that we are getting closer to our big day and it seems that every weekend now we have one event or another to attend for the wedding. We are so excited to and seem to be growing closer knowing that we are experiencing this new chapter in our lives together. Thank you Margo & Patsy for kicking off the celebration!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Salmon River Trip 2008

The Salmon River trip was smaller than usual in crew members but we still had a wonderful time traveling 81 miles across Idaho this past week. Nick, Jean, Erin, Gabe, Zach, and I managed to stay upright while rafting through some very high water and rapids along the main Salmon River. There are too MANY pictures to share but I painstakingly picked through all the great shots that Zach and Gabe took for a snip-it of the fun!

Big Horn Sheep, elk, deer, bald eagles, yellow-belly marmots (love that name), a wolf cub (or coyote without it's mama ;-( , and a variety of birds were a bit of the wild life we viewed from across river or many times in our own camp sites. Lasagna, jambalaya, steaks, chicken taki marsala, and enchiladas helped us all stay full and happy! Amazing historical sites to visit of old time pioneers (men and women) that have roughed it out amongst the river long before rafters/kayakers enjoyed it. My favorite is probably the tale of a Chinese immigrant during the mid 1800's- sold by her parents for seed in China, shipped to San Francisco as a slave, won in a gambling match, and then moving to the Salmon River with her husband, she was a friend to many passers by- Polly Bemis. There is an interesting book about her life called, "A Thousand Pieces of Gold" if anyone is interested. Her small cabin and large garden are still cared for to this day and interesting to visit.

Thank you, thank you, Nick and Jean for making this trip happen and sharing your wonderful stories and years of experience with us newbies! We were sad not to have our dear friends the Nickum's and Ziegler's families along for this years journey but know they will be along again for the inevitable trip next summer. Can't wait!


When we moved into our house (we lovingly call MoLo) we were lucky to have been left these gorgeous 4ft tall poppies that bloom at the beginning of every summer. No maintenance required because I should have killed them by know with my gardening skills. They are a beautiful new sign to summer...