Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bike to Work

Last Friday was the annual bike to work day and the Wood River Valley doesn't disappoint.  The closest thing to Trick-or-Treating for adults this activity gets people out on their bikes to get to work.  Local vendors set up booths on the path offering free gifts for those biking by.  This year I scored chapstick, a waterbottle, and a brand new pair of Smith Sunglasses for Zach.  If I woke up a little earlier I might have included a backpack, hat, and bike tires to my bounty.  Waffles were being served at the Scott tent, and egg sandwiches at another. 

I've been enjoying the nice weather to commute with Dax to Ketchum when we can.  He likes to look around and comment on every bird he sees. 
A friend was riding his bike home the other day and said  hello to the elderly woman passing by.  I don't think she got the memo that a bike may be necessary when using the bike path. 

Snow Planting

When you garden in our neck of the woods your gambling against the weather.  Being a Reno girl I usually tend to be overly cautious because I know how terrible loosing a beat feels. 
View from my office of the snow starting to stick to the neighbors roof.
Planting my garden this past weekend appears to have been a little early this year despite our generously warmer weather.  Oh well, at least the weeds will have to fight against the snow as well as my garden. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Barber Shop

Dax's first haircut took place in daddy's barber shop over the weekend.  Papa Nick and Grand Jean were there to provide distractions while Dax got rid of a few hairs.

I looked at Dax this morning and it already seems like his hair grew back!  Next haircut may have to be a mohawk. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Our Way to Work

...we ran into this lady walking through downtown Ketchum.
She looks so small in this photo from my phone but trust big as a horse!