Monday, April 30, 2012

Ski Into May

Somebody hasn't told Zach that winter is over.  He doesn't seem to notice even though we planted a new (and unexpected) tree in our yard over the weekend.  Yesterday, was another ski adventure with the boys, this time up Cerro Ciento Peak in the Boulder mountain range.  I can tell from the pictures that they didn't manage to have any fun! 
Justin and Zach surveying the terrain.

Zach looks too happy.

Zach takes a run down.

Grandparents & Parents Disclaimer:  Luckily, this time of year the avalanche danger is really LOW.  It is ALWAYS a risk when out in the backcountry.  I trust that Zach will come home in one piece.  Why?  Because I have to.  If you can't tell he is slightly passionate about the sport.

Here is a few pictures of the tree movers. 
First at the Bridwells house and then over to Mother Lode Loop.
From left: Jean, Nick, Bryan, Zach, Dax, and Kat

Dax directing Papa on where to put the tree.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring has Sprung

So much has happened in the past week I'm not sure where to start!  My photos are minimal as I haven't had time to go through everything. 

We had Gigi, Erin & Nik in town for a visit and to celebrate Dax's first birthday.  A small gathering of family/friends and a confused little one year old got together over the weekend.  Dax tried to figure out what to do with a homemade cake propped in front of him.  At first he dove in, to the audience's enjoyment but then became confused when everyone started laughing.  Caught in action he held up his sticky hands and waited for mom to tell him what to do.  Later he was found sticking his hands in the cooler bobbing out pieces of ice to suck on.  A few teeth coming in...
Gigi & Dax eat lunch
Bike rides, skiing (yes still skiing), and hiking were some of the other activities we forced our guests to enjoy while in town.  Hopefully they went home tired and happy!  I didn't get a picture of everyone together but once Zach goes through his photos (maybe he captured some) I will share.  We did get to meet adorable M.E. (pronounced Em-ee), Erin & Nik's new blue heeler and celebrate some more exciting news as well. 
Erin & M.E.

Isla Jane Sundby surprised Ian & Sarah with an early arrival on Friday.  We are so excited for them and can't wait to get to know this little cutey!

Right around his birthday Dax decided it was time to put those new shoes to use and began walking.  We have a nervous excitement going at the moment for our curious toddler.  Wow the baby stage flew bye!

The McHughs were in town for a visit and we were happy to bump into them a few times and catch up on their beautiful family.

The weather was AMAZING over the weekend with high's in the 70's, blue skies, and happy locals.  I'm ready!  BBQ's, bike riding, lake visits, and long summer days sound perfect to me :)  Dax got outside for a backyard bath...
It is spring though and not summer...yet.  In the mountains things change quickly this time of year and rain is already on the horizon.  We enjoyed the warm weather, visitors, and break from winter while it lasted and are looking forward as always.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Our baby boy is one today!  
I can't believe it!  I know it's cliche but wow time goes fast when your having fun.  He is the best part of our lives and we love him more and more everyday.  

I made banana muffins for his daycare today and we sang Happy Birthday.  
He laughed and clapped his hands.  He likes to dance when he hears the song.  We have family coming to town this weekend to help us celebrate a little more. 
Happy 1st Birthday Dax!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Habitat 2012

Check out the latest Habitat magazine for two new articles by yours truly :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Bunny

Even though this is technically our little bunny's second Easter, he is still not quite ready for the concept of the Easter bunny.  He did however enjoy a much coached egg hunt at his daycare where each child got their own plastic egg filled with popcorn.  It was a feeding frenzy!

Zach conquered a huge mountain over the weekend completing a 11, 815 ft climb up Castle Peak with three buddies.  Located in the largest roadless area in the lower 48, , it was a ten hour day that mostly involved navigating the back country to start their climb.  He came home safe, exhausted, and happy. 

On Easter day we visited our neighbors ewe, Snowball, and her new spring lamb.  Dax was thrilled to see fluffy animals making funny noises.  The wobbly lamb probably looked somewhat familiar to our little wobbler. 

Later that night we enjoyed a beautiful meal at Nick & Jean's.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of Jean's beautiful table!  She always does such a wonderful job.  Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Aloha!  Back from Maui with a new tan, wonderful stories, and a relaxed state of mind.  
We had a great time!

Sunset from our townhome.
Dax tried to eat all the beach sand to take home to Idaho.
Gigantic waves near Paia don't scare this surfer.

Dax LOVED the ocean!

The humpback whales were amazing!
Bryan & Kat enjoying the good life.
Local attitude.
Daddy & Dax checking out the surf.

Back of our townhome.
On top of Haleakala volcano.
The big 4 - 0 !
Thank you Nick & Jean for an amazing vacation!  It couldn't have been more perfect for the entire family.
Just let us know when you want to go back ;)