Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snow Box Derby

Every year our office, Ruscitto Latham Blanton, enters a local event called the "Snow Box Derby". The race happens at Rotorun down a casually steep slope. First one down wins. The rules are as such:
  • Snow Boxes can be constructed using only cardboard, paint, tape, and glue
  • No metal of any kind or wax
  • And so forth...

Entrants this year ranged from a cardboard dragon, a measuring tape, a flying beer bottle, and a cardboard corn dog. I would call RLB's a rocket ship. After seven years of competing, this was the first year the office had a girl "manning" the sled. Lucky me! Despite saying it was either me or a sack of potatoes...I felt honored. I decided to add some girly touches to the stellar blue rocket by painting pink racing stripes and flames on the sides. Not taking it too seriously I planned on wearing a tu-tu as well to truly flaunt the new politically correct leaf our office was turning.

When arriving we were quickly rushed up the hill to start the race even though we were early to the event. Zach and I lugged the 6' long sled up the hill as Thadd gave directions. Not knowing the race would start early I had to borrow a helmet at the top before I was shoved into place. Oddly, feeling like a coffin I heard shouts of encouragement as they threw me down the hill. My only view was a slight cardboard visor that read "Slyle don't embarrass the firm", a tradition for every sled driver.

I made it down in one piece using my cardboard gloves to slow me at the bottom. And more surprising to everyone who made the event I had won the gold for the office! Guess girls will be getting asked more often to take the wheel....either that or they will have to paint over the pink flames :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tucson Visit

I was lucky this past weekend to visit the LaDukes in Tucson and celebrate my niece's first birthday, which also happens to be Valentine's Day! Addie did a great job making strawberry cupcakes with homemade icing. Cameron's sister and brother stopped by along with some of their friends for a nice lunch. We sang to Avery who was very interested in her cupcake for a brief moment. Tucson was very beautiful and a lot 'greener' than I expected with thousands of types of cactus, trees and flowering plants. They have a beautiful home and family! I love my niece's and wish I got to see more of them! Thank you LaDuke's for hosting me and Callie for letting me stay in your room. Love you, Auntie Sarah

The Boulder 2009

The start:

The pro's:

The first weekend in February was the annual Boulder Mountain Tour. A skate ski race from Galena Lodge to the Sawtooth National Recreation Area Headquarters. Generally it's a race north of Ketchum that covers about 20 miles of skate ski trails and includes roughly 1000 people each year. The pro's usually complete it in just over an hour. I seem to manage just under two hours every time I've entered. This year Zach was my cheerleader and I felt a little more prepared after getting some technique lessons accomplished before hand. From a distance skate skiing to me always looks so easy but darn it every time I get out there it seems there is more ways to make it complicated then simple. At least that's how I feel when anybody over 60 is passing me by. It was however a beautiful day and the snow was generally fast for most skiers. Here's a few picks from my number one cheerleader :)

The amateur: