Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Three Ooooh!

I was not looking forward to this turning point but I have to say it was an amazing 30th birthday celebration! It all started with my friends and family in Idaho. Jenna & Jen took me to a much needed pedicure for lunch. Later we meet up with all the girls for a great dinner at Ciro's. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Then I was off to Los Altos, California to visit my Nana. My sister, Erin, was sweet enough to fly down and join us as well. My lost bag was rather frustrating (seriously Delta has to be the worst airline ever) but having a sister there with good taste in clothing was very handy :) We had a great dinner at Milagros (?) Mexican restaurant in Redwood City with Brock, Laura, Brady, and new little Tommy. I can't believe it's been two years since I've been back to the area! The next day Nana joined Erin and I at her favorite eating spot, Dinah's, poolside (of course) for some yummy omelette's and coffee.

Nana's garden is always busting with life! I was amazed at the variety of plants that seemed unhindered by growing larger and larger. Oranges, lemons, figs, pears, tomatoes, apples, and more! It's that great California climate that keeps the plants and people happy, happy!

Erin and I said our goodbyes to Nana and then headed to the coast toward Carmel to meet up with Regina and her father, Roger. It was fun to travel down highway one on the beautiful coastline and Erin and I enjoyed catching up. Roger treated us all to a lovely birthday lunch in one of his favorite restaurants in Carmel. A very busy guy we were glad to get to spend some time with him before he had to head off to San Diego. He had kindly arranged for us girls to stay at his hotel, The Colonial Terrace, for the weekend. Adorable, fabulous, classic California style, we loved it! And even better my bag had finally arrived from Delta!

Then it was time to shop! And we did not disappoint! Dressing up later that night we went to a great tapas restaurant (Mundaka) where we had to fight off some grey hairs from trying to buy us drinks. We had fun trying the Spanish traditional wine vase (which I can't remember the name of) and sampling the different tapas. We ended the evening with some dessert at another great little restaurant and then nestled into our adorable little hotel room.

The next day was a mandatory jog along the beach for all the girls. We had another delicious lunch at a restaurant called Casanovas. It reminded us of Christina's in Ketchum with it's traditional Italian feel and fresh, fresh, ingredients. We borrowed the hotel Range Rover and headed east to sample some of the Carmel Valley wineries. Bernardus Winery was definitely our favorite! And we finally ended the journey with a beautiful dinner at the famous Pebble Beach Lodge, Stillwater restaurant.

It was a fabulous birthday celebration overall and I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to make it such! Thank you! So far 30 is turning out to be pretty great ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer time...

...it's just flying bye! I can't believe it's almost August!

Well, last weekend was full of activities. I managed to get in a 10 mile back-country run for a race in Ketchum. I had to get the best of my 20's before the 30's hit me. Gorgeous wildflowers and I luckily did not embarrass myself from lack of training. The uphill portions are killer!
This is an image from the race (not of me) but shows where we were running.

Zach went mountain biking and camping on the East Fork of the Salmon River for Justin's birthday in an area called Frog Lake. A group of ten plus people gave it their all for 3 days up and down mountains. He came back with a big smile on his face, tons of photos, stories, and an injured shoulder.
Zach and Matt heading out on a trail.

Sunday I headed out to Redfish Lake with Jenna & Sarah H. for some relaxing beach time. It is so beautiful up there and Lucy could not get enough of stick throwing and swimming :)Picture of June & Lucy sharing the stick.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rikshaw Design

I try not to blog about work/design on my site to give myself a break from my everyday but I can't help this one....

I had the opportunity of meeting the owner and creator of Rikshaw Design this past weekend. Adorable hand block print bedding for the bohemian baby! The owner, Catherine, has a great sense of style and design that I know any of my friends or clients would be thrilled to include in their home! Check it out: Rikshaw Design

Girls Baldy Hike

This is why I love living here...there is sooo much to do outdoors! Sarah, Jenna, and I hiked Bald Mountain this past weekend. I had never done it. It seems like the major ski mountain in town is something I am always on. I have hiked up in the winter many times but had yet to hike in the summer. It was great to see the little details of the trail with a dog drinking fountain half-way up and viewing overlooks meticulously included into the trail. And of course more beautiful wildflowers! I have yet to learn all their names but am working on it. We have had a very wet summer thus far so it has made for some great mid-summer wildflowers. We enjoyed the views, the smells, and the friends as we climbed up to overlook the valley below. And the best part is you get to take the chair down for free after reaching the top!

Afterwards, we journeyed over to the Ketchum Arts Festival and feasted on homemade gazpacho and kettle corn. Lot's of treasures to find with paintings, jewelry, pottery, and more. It was a great Saturday with the girls :)

Fisher Creek Ride

Zach and I headed out Fisher Creek, just south of Stanley, last weekend for a mountain bike ride. Zach is always pushing me to get out there and try new trails so I begrudingly joined in on this one. Very glad I did! It was a beautiful ride full of wild flowers and views. One portion was burned in a forest fire a few years back but it's amazing how much life is still in the area. The trees had a beautiful silence in black silhouettes. I managed to keep up with my husband and not make a total ass of myself by falling off in some ridiculous place. I have to say I am starting to enjoy mountain biking more and more with every new trail we encounter. Don't tell Zach though :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hometown 4th of July

After returning home from the Salmon River, Zach and I felt like spending some QT around town during the holiday. Hailey was in over drive with the annual 4th of July Parade down main street, the Hailey Rodeo, a bike criterion, antique fairs, a children's carnival, and live music on every corner or bar you could find. We had fun visiting the different activities and then of course catching up with friends and family at different BBQ's around town. Firecrackers, hot dogs, bike rides, and friends. I've always loved this summer time holiday. Zach, Lucy, and I ended the night watching fireworks on our front porch in our red and white porch swing sipping hot coco. Yes, Neil Diamond would be proud :)
AND the most exciting news of the day was the engagement announcement of Katherine (Zach's sister) and Bryan!!! WE couldn't be more excited for them :)

Middle Fork 09

Seven days and six nights of rafting down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River was awesome! I'm lucky Zach's family has incorporated me into this "river culture". We got a last minute permit for the trip and gathered together a crew of Nickum's and Latham's to total eleven people. The water level was middle range and the weather was perfect. We couldn't have planned it better if we tried. Black bears, bighorn sheep, deer, snakes, fish, and birds all made an appearance on our journey. The first day we were thrown right into the thick of the rapids with Velvet Falls. The Middle Fork averages a rapid for every mile you travel down the river. We went about 100 miles....not to mention a lost oar, a boat getting hung up on a rock, and a hole in the admiral's (Nick's) boat, all on the first day. City slickers not welcome! We had a toilet seat snatcher, horseshoe champions (Christian & Sarah), pictographs, a scavenger hunt ending at a pioneer's grave site, hot springs, delicious meals, no-flips, and many stories to share. I love the annual river trip I've been initiated into and am already looking forward to next year's adventure!

We of course have a LOT of pictures from the trip in which I couldn't post all of them on this blog. If your interested in seeing more pictures email me and I'm happy to share :)