Thursday, December 12, 2013


Missed November posting so rolling right into December.  Lot's happening around our house.  We continue to fight the crude with different runny noses, fevers, and aches but we battle on!

Lately, we've introduced Elf on the Shelf in our house (and at Yaya's).  If you don't know what this is you must not have kids that believe in Santa.  It's a doll (boy or girl, black or white) that comes with a book that explains that Santa knows if you are good or bad from this little Elf's help.  The child names the elf and then it is placed in different locations around the house to watch until Christmas Day. 

Our elf is creatively named "Elfie" and is slowly catching Dax's interest.  This vertically challenged friend of Santa is beyond popular with parents lately.  Marketing genius!  Can't consider yourself a good parent unless you get one.  I've heard some funny stories about what different elves get into around the house, including snow angels in flour, undecorating the Christmas tree (bad idea!) and hiding in creative spots.  But my favorite involved an elf that used the potty and left a peppermint in the toilet as it's droppings (thanks Aunt Addie).  Since our mostly potty trained 2-1/2 year old doesn't want to leave his peppermint dropping in the potty every morning, daddy and I thought we may be able to get Elfie's help.

We put Elfie on top of the toilet lid and placed a marshmallow in the bowl (much safer to flush then hard candy).  When Dax woke up this morning we excitedly found Elfie in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, that's where the excitement ended. 

"NO!!!!", Dax yelled out when discovering what Elfie had done, "I don't want Elfie in the bathroom!"

"Look Dax.  Elfie went potty in the toilet", I responded with excitement.

"NO!  I don't want him there", he repeated and rushed over to grab him.

"NO!", I yelled repeating my two year old.

"You are not suppose to touch Elfie!  His magic powers will go away", I announced as he grabbed his leg and tried to fling him across the room. 

"He is here to help you go potty", I said trying to convince myself as I'm thinking it would be a little weird to have an elf watching me use the potty.

"Fine", he stomped off  in defeat and decided he didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Elfie sat on top of the toilet smiling gaily as I wondered why this didn't work at 6am in the morning.  Needless to say we didn't see any more peppermints or marshmallows in the toilet that morning. 

I can't decide if Elfie is helping us this holiday season or being pushed upon my two year old.  I can't totally blame him.  Pretty sure I wouldn't want an elf watching me in the bathroom.  Maybe next year he will remember the trauma we put him through on this first year and fall into general fear and respect for Santa's little tattle tale.  Or maybe when he is 21 he can laugh about how his parents tried to make him believe in a silly little doll like the rest of his friends.  Either way we have a two year old and are willing to try anything to get him to believe in us... I mean Elfie, and then hopefully convince his little brother next year.

Dax in his homemade Rudolph hat.


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I'm laughing too but it really could have gone either way. You were really doing a good job of normalizing Elfie there. I mean everybody goes, right?
This Elf on the shelf thing is funny!