Tuesday, June 3, 2014

And here we are in June!

Life keeps happening and things are moving along but mostly our boys are growing.  The only way to catch up on my blog is to start by sharing a few pictures.  So here it goes...
Easter Sunday
Hike up Baldy with the family
Otto playing in the driveway

Dax and Lucy play in the backyard

Bubble Beards
Salt Lake & Park City visit to see Nana, Erin, Brad, Ally, Greg & Courtney
Otto's First Birthday!

Briggs & Dax doing what they do best...get dirty

Boys saying goodbye to me when I leave for Salt Lake.

Gigi comes to visit!

Dax watering the grass per usual


Anonymous said...

All great photos! Looking forward to seeing the boys (and of course, you) this weekend! xo

jeannie said...

Oh, great job on the pictures! I had such a good time with you, Zach and the boys. I can't believe how they are growing! Such sweet little guys. Love you all!