Wednesday, June 18, 2014



We headed over to Jackson Hole, Wyoming last weekend for some family camping, running race, and Father's Day.  The weather was cooler then expected but mountain weather is always variable (hence it's snowing in Ketchum right now). 

The race went well and I had the best cheerleaders! 

Otto checks out the antlers



Pool/spa time thanks to Jenna was awesome.  And Happy Birthday to her!
Lucy tired after swimming in the creeks.
Grand Teton National Park is amazing! 
Wherever Dax goes, Otto is sure to follow.
Boys at Jenny Lake
Love this area and definitely want to head back soon!


Unknown said...

Oh that last photo.. I die.

jeannie said...

Wonderful place and professional pictures! Hard to go wrong with all the scenery and adorable boys. Glad you had fun and proud of your results for the race. Super Mom!